Meetings and Workshops

First Annual Open Source EHR Summit: In October 2012, AIC:HR partner OSEHRA hosted experts in the open source, electronic health record and health information technology fields and explored a wide diversity of areas including leading edge concepts and the best practices in technical, clinical and business development. Topics included Blue Button America, code convergence, genomics, 10-1 initiative, refactoring, common web-services, VistA, mobile health, meaningful use and open architecture. A program is available on the OSEHRA website.

Medical Home Workshop: On June 20, 2010, AIC:HR organized a workshop on the topic of Patient Centered Medical Home in partnership with Carilion Clinic and the US military healthcare community. Patient Centered Medical Home (PC-MH) is a new care delivery model that facilitates partnerships among individual patients, their families and physicians. Registries, information technology, health information exchanges and additional services are used to assure that patients receive timely, coordinated, and proper care in a culturally appropriate manner. Medical Home can require additional resources, technologies and staff compared with traditional care models. Implementation, satisfactory operations and the long-term sustainability of Medical Home depend on many factors such as clinical environment, professional commitment, maturity of technology, business process re-engineering and financing models, just to name a few. Physicians, nurses, practice groups, educators, researchers, and technology providers will shared their experiences with implementing and sustaining a Medical Home.

Neuroimaging Technologies for Optimizing Performance Workshop: On September 23-24, 2010, AIC:HR, held a workshop entitled, “Neuroimaging Technologies for Optimizing Human Performance”. The event, sponsored by the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) of the US Army, took place in Alexandria, VA with over 50 attendees. Participants focused on two principal questions. First, how do we define neuroperformance on the basis of imaging or other quantitative in vivo measurements? Second, how can these metrics of neuroperformance answer vital operational questions such as skill acquisition, task readiness, vigilance, and resilience? Proceedings of the workshop will be available upon request. Click here for a link to the program